A Word nobody likes.

What if we could change it to

What if things were different?

You Do Nothing

Fundraising happens on Auto-Pilot, without your intervention.

As you use your appSAVE® system, business owners will see it and most will be curious about it, and the concept of MoreBusinessNow.

What business wouldn't be? What business owner doesn't want More Business? When they check it out they see the Free 60-day trial so they give it a shot.

We ask every business how they found us and if that was through an association with you, you get CashBack. For as long as they stay with us you get 15% CashBack on Everything they spend as long as they remain with us.

They start out free and after their trial your reward begins. We pay out upon billings collected every month.


Totally FREE to you.

We do all the work. There is no requirement of any kind on your part for any maintenance or tasks. You refer all calls and inquiries to us, you don't need to have your personnel doing any work whatsoever.


A Partnership

As business owners see and use your appSAVE® system we only ask that you mention to the business community. They then decide if it makes sense for them.


It's a Win/Win/Win.

The Sharp business owners will get it because it's simply the single Most Effective and Least Expensive form of Customer Acquisition and Retention available today.

You benefit because you not only have a tool you can use, you get an onging, residual income stream that requires no work, input or maintenance of your part.

We benefit because we have a new customer, not to mention more folks downloading the app which gives us even more exposure.

In many cases the business owner will Thank you for showing them a system that Grows their Bottom Line!

Some of the Features

How many deals have you been involved in that require an up front committment? They sound good on the front end but you always end up with the inventory issues:

* Someone has to be assigned to go out and SELL.
* Someone has to Distribute.
* Someone has to Collect the Money. 
* Then there is the question of what to do with Unused Inventory? 

How cool would it be to have something that was Free to you and would literally help your local business community Grow their Bottom Line? You have NO requirements for money or personnel, and a business gets a Very Powerful system that WILL get them more business. 

When something has True Value, it tends to grow on it's own merit.
Any sharp business owner will look at this and the concept of MoreBusinessNow will resonate.

Business owners are They are getting bad advice on all fronts and so many times it's a slick talking sales person who talks them into something that doesn't do much for them. And even worse, many times they get hooked into a contract.

We have NO contracts. We feel any business will stay with us just as long as we are doing some good and when that no longer happens, we expect them to leave.

Benefits to YOU:
You will have the free use of a tool set that will make things much easier for you.
If you haven't seen it before go to It's a true 21st Century tool that has many uses for different departments and organizations.

Benefits to the Business Owner:
The list here is lengthy. Business owners gain a partner to Grow their Business. In fact, there are so many ways we can help grow their buisness it takes some time to digest it all.  See Smarter.Marketing

We Benefit:
Traditional Advertising doesn't work for us. We need folks seeing and experiencing our tools right on their Smart Phones. And what better way to do this than by taking that traditional advertising money we would normally spend and giving it to you in the form of a Free tool that will also give you value?
It's a True Win/Win/Win.

One of the Best aspects is this just keeps on going, month after month, as long as the business stays with us. Here is what will usually happen.

The business will take their FREE Trial and since this is new to the area it will take a little time before 1,000's of folks have the app but that Will Happen.

Once the business starts to see more folks coming in, they will want to start engaging those prospects to turn them into customers. They usually start with a small subscription and before long the Postive Results will prompt them to increase their subscription and add new services.

At the end of each month we do the calculations and you get 15% of everything they spend with us. You don't do anything, we do it all, we just need to know where to send the check.

The whole process will start out slower but eventually gain momentum. Time to ask yourself, What could you do with a stable income stream every month? And What if that Income Stream ONLY WENT UP, never down?

You go to the business community All the Time. They are usually great but wouldn't it be Fantastic if you could change your approach, say something like this?

"This time we don't need anything. We want to Give you Something instead, something that Will Grow your Business, and you can try it out for Free."

Or what if you didn't have to approach them at all? What if you had such a good deal that they saw it and simply wanted in? How cool would that be? Give something back rather than always asking for something? And it's something they can actually use, something of True Value.

And why wouldn't you tell them that you indirectly benefit when they benefit?
"We know this will help your business, and when it does, we also benefit."
Whether they come to us directly or through you, they pay the same so wouldn't it make sense to go through you for the extra benefit to you?

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I Just need to know.

This part is totally optional and has no effect on your Free appSAVE® System. I just need to know if you are interested in the CashBack side so I can set things set up on my end. If you are interested or have more questions just drop me a line below.

Dr. Rick Mayer