More Benefits

Instant Message to Board Members.

"We need a Teachers Aid at Wilson in One Hour."

"The Auditorium is closed, use the South Building Entrance. "

"Welcome to the Tournament, we are having a 30 minute Weather Delay because of Frost. Find your assigned cart numbers and enjoy the Continental Breakfast sponsored by Discount Tire. "


Once folks start getting used to it they begin to wonder how they ever lived without it.

A City puts up a Geo-Fence reminding folks that 10th Street will be closed from 8:00 pm till 11:00 pm for maintenance.  Use 14th Street.

The Water Park has a Geo-Fence reminding mothers dropping off their kids that the park will be closed on Wednesday.

The Recreation Department reminds folks of  the Registration Deadline for Summer Baseball Leagues.

The Mayor needs to send a last minute message to just the Planning Commission.

How-To Videos Coming

We are developing a series of How-To videos that will show you step by step how to do everything.
These videos will constantly be updated so everyone always stays in the loop. This also makes it nice when there are personnel changes. It only takes a few steps to get things working and anyone can go back for a quick refresher any time the need arrises.


You learn how to create different groups and how to seamlessly get your folks into your groups.


What are the different campaigns you can run and how do they react?


For GeoFencing and Beacons.
Basically, What - When.
If (this condition occurs) then I want (this to happen.)

GeoFencing Function


Location Based Marketing


We'll show you how to set your GeoFence, how to move it, how to increase or decrease the size, etc.
Beacons are also available but they require a purchase.


You Control

What - When

A Scenario is What happens, when.
When someone enters a GeoFence perimeter, maybe I want them to be there for 5 minutes before they see the message. That way everyone just passing through quickly won't see it.
Maybe I want to let everyone see it but only Once a Day or Once a Week.
Maybe I want a different message when they Leave the area.
Unlimited Scenarios.


From your Dashboard

You Update

Everything is done through your Log-in panel on your computer.
You could do it on your connected tablet but understand the communication may be slightly slower. If remote adjustments are needed we recommend a Wi-fi connected laptop.
You are not limited by the number of folks who can administer as you merely share your log-in credentials, but there can only be one in the system at a given time.