In Business,
the HOW is Key.

Covering All Aspects

Brick and Mortar?  Home Based?

No matter what your business, we have you covered.
We bring some Advanced Tools and Systems to the table that will not just Blow your Mind, they will give you that WOW Factor that you need to succeed.

After all, isn't it your customer or prospect who need to be Wow'ed?

TWO major trends.

The first is MOBILE.

"If you have not joined the movement and your competition has, your company will soon become irrelivant."
Bill Gates, Microsoft

The Best Part...

We show you How you can do this on your own.
And the Base System is even FREE.
New technology now replaces the Webmaster.
All you need is Hosting and we help you there.
But the key is It Must Be Done Right and according to Google, 85% of the sites out there are doing it Wrong which does more harm than good.

There are some advanced tools and systems we can bring to the table as well but keep in mind, everything you see on this App can be done by you on your own time, Without the expensive Webmaster.

Drag and Drop
Webmasters Not Needed.

You don't need to know code, just drag and drop, edit, then click to publish.
It Automatically Creates an Across All Platform App that adapts to the device.

Next, Video Marketing...

Video is now the #1 Search Activity on the Web and Google gives preference to sites with Video.
In fact, Sites that are not mobile friendly and cross device compatible with no video on the landing page will soon be Delisted by Google!
Do you realize you can even do this, what you are seeing right now, all on your own without a webmaster?
Again, simple Drag and Drop Technology.

We have several incredible tools, Like This One.

You saw the little guy walking out when you opened this page,
here is just one more of Many.

Watch Video

Optimize Your

Business Operations!

We have so much to help your business it takes several Apps to show it all.
Keep in mind everything you will see was created with our Base System that you get for FREE.

WOW Factors

Just Some of our Exclusive Tools


Heard about the Latest Geo-Fencing and Beacon Technology?
The Mobile Device makes it possible for you to Engage your Customer like never before and have your message pop up on their Smart Phone when the get Near your Business.

Loyal Customers will Make or Break ANY business.
Now it's possible for your to Lock in those customers with a system where you can start out for FREE, and it works right on their Smart Phone.
This system is the Next Generation in Customer Loyalty.

Facebook is the largest Social Medium on the Planet.
While others are trying to figure out how to capitalize on it's power we give you the tools to manage it.

Sites made with Mobirise are 100% mobile-friendly according the latest Google Test and Google loves those websites (officially)!

Mobirise themes are based on Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 - most powerful mobile first framework. Now, even if you're not code-savvy, you can be a part of an exciting growing bootstrap community.

Choose from the large selection of latest pre-made blocks - full-screen intro, bootstrap carousel, content slider, responsive image gallery with lightbox, parallax scrolling, video backgrounds, hamburger menu, sticky header and more.

Our Divisions

Below is an introduction to our divisions.
Click on any one and get back to me if you have questions.
Dr. Rick Mayer

Don't you think it's time to Market SMARTER, not more expensively?


The Evolution of Apps.

Beacon and Geo-Fence Technology.
The Future of Customer Engagement is Here Now.

Coming Soon

Smarter Social
  • Leverage the Largest medium on the Planet, Facebood
  • Put everything on AutoPilot
  • It will Build your Business on it's own.

Customer Loyalty

Free Loyalty
Coming in Sept.
  • Start out Free
  • Customers are in control
  • Works right on their Smart Phone.


Free to Non Profits
  • Geo-Fence Technology
  • Free to Create your own announcements
  • No Strings
  • No Gimmicks, FREE.

Free Video

Your Company Video
for Free
  • No Gimmicks
  • A Way to Introduce our Exclusive Systems
  • Contact Me

One Final Note.
We are Expanding throughout North America.
Do you have what it takes?

I need Partners in North America

If accepted there are No Costs.
Nothing up front, no charges, no monthly fees, etc.

Small business owners are at a crossroads.

They know they need to jump on the Mobile Bandwagon but unfortunately there are Far Too Many Scams out there.  If you think you have what it takes to call on Small Business Owners then we need to talk.
You will be in business for yourself and earn a starting commission of 20% MONTHLY on everything you sell. This is a Monthly Residual.
You can then work up to 30% and even 40%, and we show you how. We supply the tools and systems, you call on businesses. I just need to know more about you, where you live, the area you wish to concentrate in, and some of your experience.